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Potential Benefits of Restorative Justice

While Restorative Justice is not always suitable for every victim, every offender or every offence, international research indicates a high satisfaction rating among victims who participate in restorative programmes.

Research also shows that Restorative Justice positively impacts on recidivism rates amongst certain categories of offenders and offences.

Restorative Justice promotes and facilitates partnership, greater understanding and co-operation between the community, voluntary and statutory sectors and organisations directly involved in the criminal justice process.

How can it help Victims ?

Communicate directly / indirectly with the offender in a safe, non threatening, voluntary, mediated process

Tell their story, talk about the impact of the crime

Seek apologies and reparation from the offender

Seek further information or raise issues of concern directly related to the offence and the offending behaviour

Express their feelings and voice their anger and / or frustration at what has occurred

Seek commitments from the offender on future behaviour or contact

How can it help Offenders?

Communicate directly / indirectly with the victim in a safe, non threatening, voluntary, mediated process

Give assurances and commitments to the court and the victim with regard to future behaviour

Demonstrate to the Court, the victim, their family and community their desire to make amends, desist from further offending.

Provide victims with further information on issues relating to the offence

Offer apologies, pay compensation and / or undertake acts of reparation as agreed by the victim

Identify pro social choices that will assist them make more informed decisions in the future

Can avail of opportunity to put the offence behind them by seeking to repair the harm they have caused

How can it help Community?

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