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We work … in partnership with the Courts, the Probation Service, victim advocates, community representatives and An Garda Siochana we offer restorative programmes that focus on meeting the needs of victims of crime whilst also challenging the behaviour of those in our community who offend.

We believe … crime hurts victims and their families, crime affects the offender – their family, and the wider community, the victims voice should be heard, the offender should accept responsibility, reflect upon the consequence of their action and offer to repair the harm caused

Offender Reparation Programme

The Offender Reparation Programme is, in the main, targeted at offences that attract up to 1 year in custody and / or offenders with a track record of criminality. An objective of The Reparation Programme is to reduce the risk of reoffending by participating offenders. Victims of the specific crime are contacted and are offered options regarding their own level of involvement and input into the process.

Victim / Offender Mediation

Victim / Offender Mediation provides a safe non-threatening forum for victims to directly or indirectly communicate with an offender. This model is particularly designed to meet the needs or concerns of the victim whilst also raising the awareness and understanding of the offender of the impact of their offending behaviour.

Benefits of Restorative Justice

Restorative justice offers potential benefits to victims, offenders and communities…

What Is Restorative Justice?

Restorative Justice involves working with people who have been affected by crime in a way that focuses more on the harm done…

What We Do

RJS is an independent voluntary organisation that works in a restorative way with people effected by crime, victims, offenders, families and communities.

Our Funder…and Partners

RJS is funded by The Probation Service and works in close partnership with Crime Victims Helpline, the Community and An Garda Siochana.

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