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Offender Reparation

If you have committed an offence

This section contains information and links to other resources that may be of interest or assistance to you.

Brief Overview of Offender Reparation Programme

Focussing on accountability, repairing the harm caused, responsibility, reparation, commitment to good behaviour in the future; Participants undertake a number of actions; in return they may receive some mitigation from the courts for their efforts.

  • In Court, the Judge provides the offender the option of participation in the Offender Reparation Programme before final sanction is decided. An adjournment of 8 – 10 weeks is usually required.
  • Offender attends meeting with the assigned RJS Case Worker who explains more about the Programme and gives offender opportunity to discuss the incident.
  • A date is agreed for the offender to meet with the Reparation Panel which is made up of one representative from An Garda Siochana, the Probation Service, the Community.
  • The victim is contacted and advised of the case being referred to RJS. Information and options are provided to the victim with regard to level of participation and / or input they might be interested in. Victim participation is completely voluntary.
  • At first Panel meeting the Reparation Panel discusses the offence, its effects and implications for all concerned, victim, offender and community. The Reparation Panel and offender agree a contract, which could include all or any of the following actions.

Possible Components of Contracts:

  • Participate in facilitated meeting or contact with the victim
  • Meet with a victim advocate to learn about the impact of the offence committed
  • Write a letter of apology
  • Attend alcohol, substance abuse, anger management education classes and / or counselling
  • A charitable donation
  • Completion of written reflective work
  • Commit to availing of employment / education / training opportunities
  • Complete amount of voluntary work in the community
  • Commitment to be of good behaviour in the future
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